Team AA

Team AA Members

Bruno Santiago


"Your attitude determines your altitude"

I met Bruno when he was still caddying on the Challenge Tour. We quickly connected well and I decided to add him to my team in the summer of 2020. His good vibes and optimism help me a lot during tournament weeks, as I get to disconnect and have fun no matter what has happened on the course. He is always willing to learn and I believe his commitment to be the best at what he does will allow us to continue growing together as a team. Bruno played golf at an amateur level growing up and he started his experience as a caddy after he graduated from university with a Business Administration degree. As a person passionate about sports and traveling the world, he realised that caddying allowed him to be close to all the action happening at professional events and experience and enjoy the same adrenaline and excitement that players do.

Joseba del Carmen

Mental & Emotional Coach

"Behind every fear, there is our growth potential"

I have been working with Joseba since I was still an amateur. He really supports and helps me to find joy and learn from everything that happens around me. Our work together consists of looking within so as to give logic and meaning to all situations in life and to be able to achieve my maximum potential in a healthy and happy state. Using his guidance and my determination to achieve my goals, I am able to balance the technical and non-technical aspects of my game.  
Apart from assisting multiple top golfers, including Jon Rahm, he also has expansive practice with other sports such as basketball, tennis and football, as well as in the business world helping several multinational companies. If you want to know more about his methodology, I strongly recommend his book: “El éxito es un Juego”.

Mike Walker

Swing Coach

"Give everything, take responsibility and accept the consequences - whatever they may be"

I started working with Mike in the beginning of 2021. He played golf until he was 18, then decided to focus on his studies and graduated from university with a degree in Finance. In 2004, he started working with Peter Cowen, who had been his national and regional coach growing up in England. In 2008, he started travelling on Tour and coaching multiple top golfers, including Lee Westwood and Danny Willet. I really like having him in my team, as we get to practice together during tournament weeks and he also stops by Dubai frequently during the winter season, which makes it easy for me to see him. He is really involved with my game and very reachable even when he can’t attend an event in person. I believe his knowledge and experience will be great assets for me to continue evolving into the best golfer I can be. 

Mike Kanski

Putt Coach

"Combining your read, line & speed is the key to great putting"

I met Mike at the OMEGA Dubai Dessert Classic in 2020. I had some lessons with him that week and I got really interested in his coaching skills. His methodology consists on improving the 3 keys of putting: start line, speed control and green reading. I have also been in his studio in North West England and I love applying all the info and knowledge he provides me with. Mike became a PGA professional golf player in 2009 and decided to specialize as a putting coach in 2011. He has been working on the European Tour since 2019 and normally attends most of the events that his players compete in. When he can’t make it to an event, we keep in touch through the phone and share lots of videos and my stats to continue to increase the level of my performance.

Joel Neale

Personal Trainer

"Do something today that your future self will thank you for"

I have been working with Joel since I moved to Dubai. Before becoming a fitness coach in 2011, he played golf internationally both at an amateur and professional level. Joel helps me to prevent injury, increase mobility and flexibility, and with overall strength and conditioning. Since I started training with him, I have seen considerable improvements in clubhead speed, posture, and muscular imbalances. He is a great asset for my physical preparations because he has a deep knowledge of golf and the muscular mechanics of an elite golfer’s swing. Joel also helps me with nutrition and day off routines. When I am not in Dubai, we exchange videos and assessments frequently to stay informed on my progress. He is truly passionate about what he does, and he loves staying fit and healthy himself.

Richard Rayment


"To do great work is to love what you do"

I met Richard when I was still playing on the Challenge Tour. The passion and commitment he shows for his work and family made me feel very comfortable around him. Apart from organizing my tournament schedules and finding sponsors that match my profile well, he is the person that encouraged me to move to Dubai and helped me settle in the country.
Having worked with many of the leading names in professional golf, tennis and football throughout his career, Richard has also established and run European Mens, Ladies and Challenge Tour tournaments throughout Europe including many corporate professional events. Furthermore, he has been a consultant to multinational companies on their corporate marketing strategies in sport whilst also building his own company.