About me

Why did you start playing golf?

Golf is part of my family. My parents started a 9-hole course in our hometown in 1992, called Golf Moià. I played there a lot growing up, as we lived in a house on hole 5. My father was also a golf course manager in Can Cuyàs, so it was always easy to get a golf club in my hands.

How do you remember your childhood?

I was a big family guy growing up and I really enjoyed going to my hometown and having large reunions with all my relatives. Since I was a kid, I travelled a lot with my parents to golf tournaments. I also played with the Spanish team in multiple European events, where I got to know and play against other competitive golfers like Jon Rahm.

What’s your favourite amateur golfing memory?

Winning the European Amateur Tournament in 2017 with the Spanish team. I think sharing victories with a group of people makes them much more special. That’s why a big goal of mine is playing in the Ryder Cup, hopefully soon!

Who inspired you as a young athlete?

Tiger Woods and Seve Ballesteros were my big golf idols growing up. Outside of golf, I also looked up to Rafa Nadal, the professional tennis player. I really liked how passionate the three of them were for their sports and how they always gave their all to achieve what they did.

What's the most life changing decision you have taken growing up?

Going to study and compete in the United States. Texas A&M impacted my life in a very positive way, helping me evolve both as a person and as a golf player. Some of my teammates and good friends who also decided to play on tour include Cameron Champ and Johannes Veerman.

When did you turn professional?

At the end of 2017, after winning the Alps Tour Ranking as an amateur. I won in 2 events that year and played solid all the season. That gave me access onto the Challenge Tour for the following year and the experience and confidence to turn pro.

How did it feel to win in Ras al Khaimah, 2018?

I was close to winning multiple times on the Challenge Tour, so to get my first victory at the last event of the year and qualify to play in the European Tour was very special and satisfying. I also had a bet with my dad to get a dog after my first victory, which is why I named our labrador Khaimah.

What is the best golf course you have played on so far?

Pebble Beach, California, in the 2019 U.S. Open, my first major debut. I remember playing that course on PlayStation® when I was a kid. The place and views were breathtaking and to be able to play there was a dream come true for me.

How do you handle stress and pressure?

Staying present and only thinking about what I can do right now. Also, resting and meditation have been great tools for me during tournament weeks. I have worked with sport psychologists since I was 12, and I believe they are essential to becoming strong players and growing up mentally healthy.

What motivates you to practice every day?

Becoming better. I have a feeling I can still improve a lot more, and trying to reach this potential I see in myself is really what wakes me up every morning. I also really like what I do, which makes me feel very lucky every time I can go to practice or get to travel and play tournaments against the best players in the world.

What's it like to live in Dubai?

My girlfriend and I moved there in 2020 and we are really happy. The weather is great to practice and golf courses are really well taken care of. Apart from golf, we always find fun things to do and we love to be surrounded of people from all nationalities. The city is also super well connected, both for flying to tournaments and for travelling to anywhere in the world.

What do you like doing in your free time?

I love animals, music and nature. I try to take my DJ table to tournaments to disconnect while I’m not playing. I also enjoy playing other racket sports such as padel or ping pong, and watching movies or playing chess when I want to stay physically rested.

What do you recommend to people who look up to you?

The best advice I can give them is to prioritise enjoying the journey and the process of getting better every day, because without that, I don't think anything makes any sense. Lastly, learn as much as possible from everyone around you, ask lots of questions, and be good listeners.